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RAZ Information Systems LTD.

RAZ Capabilities & Services on the Linux platform


Network Infrastructure
  1. Installation and configuration of Linux servers and workstations.
  2. Installation and configuration of X environment.
  3. Hebrew support.
  4. NFS, cron, shell scripts.
  5. Dial In (from ppp windows / Linux client).
  6. Dial Out (to a ppp NT / Linux server).
  7. DNS, DHCP, NFS, LDAP....
  8. Network security.

NT Integration
  1. File and print services to windows clients.
  2. Logon services to NT domain or AD domain.
  3. Password authentication and synchronization (SMB, LDAP).
  4. Linux based fax services for windows clients.

Web Server
  1. Apache Web server configuration: performance tuning, virtual hosting (IP based, Name based), Secure server (SSL) deployment, Handlers, mod_perl.
  2. DNS configuration.
  3. FTP server configuration.
  4. Server security.

Messaging System
  1. Sendmail configuration for SMTP services.
  2. Sendmail MS-Exchange integration.
  3. Mail forwarding, pooling & routing.
  4. Web based mail system.
  5. Mail based information systems integration.
  6. Mail filters.

DataBase Server
  1. Deployment of MySQL RDBMS server and tools.

Application development
  1. PERL development for CGI, Server side business logic of C/S systems.
  2. Web based RAD (Rapid application development) using HTML::Merge (RAZ PERL based application deployment engine).
  3. Web based using ZOPE application server.
  4. C development of high performance application components.
  5. Design and development of linux based appliance.


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