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RAZ Information Systems LTD.

RAZ Information Systems is a provider of RIGHT SIZING and System Integration and Implementation Services, particularly to organizations in transition to new working enviroments based on modern information tecnology.

The RIS software professionals build and deliver wide systems based on MAGIC / Visual Basic / PERL / PHP /ZOPE on DOS / Windows / UNIX / Web platforms/ Linux (Read More...)<=

RIS seeks business opportunities at the high market segment and carries out consulting services at the organization and business level in all fields related to the management, supervision and integration of software and hardware information systems projects.
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Our company has a leading edge in integration of large scale information (Main Frame Computers) and local information systems based on PC and Local Area Network (LAN) Technology. Implementing user-friendly solutions to the business environment at the highest level of professionalism, our expertise includes a wide range of application domains: Insurance, Banking, SWIFT and Airline Representation Management. Raz Information Systems has unparalleled success and experience in overseas applications development.

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